• Optimal ventilation

    Perforated mesh providing optimal breathability during physical activity.

  • Double-layered design

    Socks compress during each movement for superior comfort.

  • Durability

    Heel and toe reinforcements.

Anticipate your opponent’s plan. Maintain the advantage and push forward.
Logo leChasseur The arrow symbolizes the hunter’s will and power.A hunter’s finest weapon is patience. Patience is what forges ruthless predators such as the wolf.
Le Chasseur is the quest for excellence, to exceed one’s limits. It’s the desire to overcome all obstacles in one’s way.

It’s the pursuit of perfection, a dream. To set a new record. To take an idea all the way through to the end.
To have a prey. To not let it out of your sight. To never let your guard down.

Who goes hunting
loses his place.

You snooze, you lose. Don’t miss a thing. For special offers and to always be ahead of the pack.

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